Saturday, February 17, 2007

Petit Fours

This was my first time making petit fours. I made these for a Christmas Function that the Episcopalian Society of Dallas was having. I had never made these (of course) so it was a big time learning experience for me.

What I did: I needed two kinds of petit fours - so I baked two cakes, each in a 9x13 pan (sheet cake). One was french vanilla, one was devil's food. After they had come out of the oven and I'd flipped them out to cool, I transfered them to my freezer to harden. After about 3 hours, I took them out and cut 100 1x1/2 squares from each of them. I then made two different fillings, one raspberry bc and one mint buttercream. I filled my piping bag and stuck the smallest tip I could find into the center of the top of each cake. I squeezed the filling into the middle of the cake for about 3 seconds. (I had to "taste" a few to figure out the correct timing for the amount being squeezed) The raspberry bc went into the vanilla cakes and the mint bc went into the devil's food.

To cover - for the vanilla cakes I melted down white chocolate candy mets and then poured it onto each cake that was set atop a cooling rack with a cake pan underneath (to catch the drippings). (I melted dark chocolate candy melts for the choc/mint cakes) Once covered, they were put in the fridge to set for 10 minutes.

After all of that -- it took me one entire day, I had to individually decorate each tiny cake. This took another full day.

I was very please with the outcome of these, I just never realized how much work they took!

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