Saturday, February 17, 2007

Jim's Birthday Cake

This was the first birthday cake I made for someone that wasn't in my immediate family (thanks for eating all of my creations guys!). Two 6 inch devil's food cake with chocolate buttercream and chocolate drizzle. I really liked the way this cake turned out but I HATE the plaque. This was made before I learned the beauty of disposable piping bags and PARCHMENT triangles (was I on Mars, how did I not know?). The size of the plaque is wrong and the writing is terrible - they loved it though so I guess it was alright. This cake was also the beginning of my journey to learning how to properly smooth a cake. At this point I was using the Viva paper towel method (wait until the the icing sets, place a viva paper towel over and smooth out the icing), which I've now dropped.

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