Monday, June 20, 2011

WAY too many for me to even list here.

I can't wait until these kids are old enough so I can put them to work! Rylee's right on the cusp. She might be able to wash some dishes soon. Think of all of the blogging I can do once that happens! (I'm totally kidding. Frosted Garden in no way endorses the enforcement of child labor. Even if they are your own kids)

In the mean time internet, you get pictures with very little explanation. One of these days scientist will figure out cloning or I will have an assistant who can wash my dishes OR do my blogging.

Train cupcakes:

Sable's cookies:

Bug cake:

Aqua and Orange cake and cookies:

Cinderella cake and princess cupcakes:

Replica anniversary cake:

Longhorn graduation cake:

Cowboy bridal and groom's cake:

Colton's 1st birthday Elmo cake:

Suitcase and postcard cake (and yes I did hand paint all of the post cards myself!):

Jamie's shower:

I recently helped throw a bridal shower for a sweet friend of mine. I was in charge of the dessert table and some of the decor. I made everything on the dessert table (except the cake pops and plain sugar cookies on the far right side, the brides sister made those!), including the signage and fabric rosettes. Thanks to our new friend THE SILHOUETTE, we were able to make some very cute coordinating pieces!

The OREO's were a fun challenge:)

Lastly, a sweet baby shower cake!

Phew. I'm exhausted after typing all of that!