Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dallas Cowboys Field Cake/Polka dot baby shower

Made this cake for a special birthday. It came out perfectly!

Vanilla cake with strawberry buttercream and marshmallow fodnant.

This baby shower cake was made to match the invitation - additional ducks and figures were added at the party, to go along with the them. Vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Rylee's 4th Birthday Cake/Party

Here are the pictures and a few details of Rylee's 4th birthday cake/party!

The cake:

I saw a cake similar to this on Pink Cake Box's website. We happened to be using this invitation for the party so I thought it would fit perfectly! The birthday girl requested a pink crown on top so we added that to the design as well. The bottom tier is strawberry with cream cheese filling. The top is banana cake with cream cheese filling. All covered in fondant and fondant details!

I do two cookie favors each year at her party. These are the ones we went with this year!

The favors:

This is probably my favorite part of putting together Rylee's birthday parties. I love to come up with different favors each year. I used the same person to do the boxes as I did last year, with a little different design.

Pink and black for the girls, green and black for the boys. To check out the other awesome designs, visit Shelley at her Etsy shop:

The charms that are attached to each box were also found on Etsy. I was able to pick the color and font for the little discs and once I received they, I attached the metal lanyards (found at Hobby Lobby for $1.50 for about 30). I tied the tags to the boxes so that each child would know which was theirs. They work great as zipper pulls for backpacks or even jackets! Here's the Etsy shop where I found these super cute discs!

Inside the box...

I found another great Etsy seller that made cute mini notepads and had him design some based on the invitation. They came out PERFECTLY! I put a mini gel pen in the box to go along with the notepad.

The shop that created these for me can be found here :


I bought a bulk supply of bubbles (24) in the wedding section at WalMart for about $4. I had Rodney create a label (again based on the design on the invitation) that read, "Rylee's B-Day Bubbles." We printed them on some address labels and attached them to the bubbles. They turned out pretty cute!

Gummy Bear Soaps:

I found another unique Etsy seller that makes fun soaps, including some that look like gummy bears. I thought these would be fun (and practical considering it's flu season) for the kids!

Check out for other cute soaps!

I also added a little package of fruit snacks to each box to complete the whole thing! Like I said, I LOVE this part of party planning!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Sears Wedding cakes, Tailgate Cake

(sorry for the poor quality of the wedding cake pictures - the lighting wasn't the best in the reception hall)

Bottom tier is vanilla with black raspberry, second tier is red velvet, third tier is lemon and the top tier is a dummy. Shades of pink were the theme of this wedding, I love the way this cake turned out!

The groom's cake is vanilla chocolate chip with chocolate buttercream.

This was the cake for the tailgate party this year at our church. It also served as my brother's birthday cake :)

Rylee's birthday party is this week - lots of baking and crafting over the next few days!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Forty Cake, Dinoco Cake, Wow Wow Wubbzy Cake and our baby shower cake!

The first cake this week was made for the celebration of a very big birthday! It's a chocolate cake with all fondant pieces!

This cake was made for one of Rylee's little classmates (and friend), Dylan. Dylan loves all things Dinoco and wanted a Dinoco themed cake! Vanilla cake with fondant!

The Wubbzy cake was made for a little girl who loves the show! I love the colors on this cake! It's a chocolate cake with black raspberry filling. The Wubbzy is fondant and the cake is iced in buttercream with fondant accents. The remaining characters are foam plaques!

The last cake is the cake we made for our family baby shower this weekend! My good friend Jessica was gracious enough to throw the shower for us (this is the second one she's hosted - I promise Jess, no more babies!) and I couldn't have loved the theme more! I'm including a picture of the cake and the table, it was all so beautiful!

(PS - I totally mimicked the design of a cake from the talented Melody who owns the Sweet and Saucy Shop - it's not EXACTLY the same but it definitely served as my inspiration. And as you can see, it worked with the theme perfectly!)

Fun cakes this week!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Reagan's cookies, Halloween cupcakes, Harley groom's cake, Brown and turquoise wedding and Vivi's princess cake!

Busy week for us! We have an even busier week THIS week, if you can believe it!

These were made for one of Rylee's little friends, Reagan. We made cookies for her to take to school and cupcakes for her super fun pumpkin patch birthday party!

These wedding cakes were made in a big hurry! The groom's cake is German chocolate with a fondant Harley logo (Rodney did a GREAT job on this logo) and the wedding cake is almond cake with vanilla filling and Italian Creme! Yum!

This cake was made for a little girl in Rylee's dance class, Vivi. I LOVE the way this cake turned out! The buttercream was nice to me that day and I got a nice, smooth cake! Simple but super cute!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lost cake

Made this cake last weekend --- lots and lots of cakes this week so not much time to update!

Side note - totally forgot to take a picture of the other order we did! What is happening to me??

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Owen's drum cake, Girly Skull cake, Reunion dessert buffet

Here's what I have been up to this week! Thank goodness for Rodney, the dessert buffet took up the bulk of my time!

Owen's drum cake:

All fondant, strawberry cake. Good thing I have a hubby whose a drummer, this cake would have been too hard to do on my own!

Girly Skull Cake:

This was our girly take on a cake we made almost a year ago! Love the way it turned out! The skull is RKT's covered in chocolate and fondant and the rest of the cake is buttercream!

Lastly, here are a few pictures of the dessert/candy buffet I did for my 10 year high school reunion. (which I also happened to organize...never again!) I'm happy with the way the table turned out!

On the buffet were:

chocolate cheesecake cups
oreo truffles
chocolate chip cookie dough brownies with chocolate ganache
red and blue jelly bellies
vanilla and chocolate cupcakes
lemon and strawberry cake pops
mini pumpkin pies
chocolate dipped pretzel rods

Exhausting week! Glad it's over!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Purple bridal shower, polka dots, pink and black duo birthdays!

Gonna have to make this fast! Lots of stuff to do today around here!

I had two other orders that I managed to NOT photograph this week! Must be that pregnancy brain or something! By the way, for any of you that are curious, we are having a boy and a girl! We are thrilled!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Fancy Nancy and Brody the Dog

These cakes were made for some special twins! Bailey and Morgan turned 5 this past weekend and each got to choose their theme this year! Bailey choose Fancy Nancy and Morgan choose Brody the Dog from a Kohl's (Kids Who Care) Book.

Bailey's cake:

Everything on Bailey's cake was edible, except for the giant feather on top :) I absolutely loved making and decorating this cake. It turned out JUST as I imagined it!

Morgan's cake:

Everything on Morgan's cake was edible as well! The head, arms and legs were made from RKT's and I just love how dead on it is! Rodney worked primarily on this cake, while I did Bailey's cake. Yay team!

Happy Birthday to Bailey and Morgan! We love you guys!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Tennis, Tinkerbell and Naval cakes

Super fast picture post this evening...not feeling well and heading to bed early!

Tennis themed cake (rackets and balls are fondant)

TInkerbell cake: (all fondant except Tink)

Naval cake: (buttercream cake with fondant flag and details)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Yo Gabba Gabba

This cake was made for a friend's daughter's 3rd birthday!

DJ Lance's boom box is made from styrofoam covered in fondant and painted with silver luster dust. The bottom is all cake - 3 layers, two vanilla and one chocolate. Each side is decorated to resemble each character's "land" in the show.

The only side I don't have a picture of is "toodee's." You get the point though!

Finished, with the characters!