Saturday, February 17, 2007

Cookie hell

These are pictures of the 300 cookies we made for a hospice supplier. It literally took 3 days almost non-stop to complete this order. After this order I realized that my prices are WAY too low and I will NEVER, EVER again do cookies on a stick. These cookies happened to be slightly on the larger side and wouldn't fit any cellophane bag that I tried. We ended up having to buy a giant roll of cellophane and cut 300 squares. We then had to individually wrap each cookie and tie a bow on it. I had lots of help with this order - my husband was awesome and stayed up all night with me, every night to get them done. I would have never finished if it weren't for him. I also would have never finished if it weren't for Amy - she came over and watched Rylee so we could concentrate on cookies. Thanks P!

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