Monday, October 3, 2011

Keep calm and blog on

This business of getting a child to school every single day is rough stuff. Two days a week was manageable, now I feel like I'm just trying to get through each day to get to the weekend. It's like I'm a full on grown up now. I know what you are thinking. "You have three kids. You run a business. You are 30." I tell myself the same things each day but I guess it just felt very whimsical to me before. Now it's much more structured. We for sure have to have a real dinner each night (long gone are the days of cereal for dinner when we have a lot of cake orders that week) and I feel compelled to make sure she has a decent breakfast on most days. If I thought I spent most of my time in the kitchen before, it's like where I live now.

All of that to are the things we've been working on lately!

Lego cake:

TCU cake:

Beachy Birthday Cake:


Westin's Star Wars Cake:

Fairy Garden Cake:

Harley Motorcycle Cake:

Mustache cake and cupcakes:

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Super Quick

My baby girl is starting kindergarten tomorrow! It's been a crazy couple of months here, trying to fit in as much as we could before she enters an entirely new world!

Here are just a few things!

Monday, June 20, 2011

WAY too many for me to even list here.

I can't wait until these kids are old enough so I can put them to work! Rylee's right on the cusp. She might be able to wash some dishes soon. Think of all of the blogging I can do once that happens! (I'm totally kidding. Frosted Garden in no way endorses the enforcement of child labor. Even if they are your own kids)

In the mean time internet, you get pictures with very little explanation. One of these days scientist will figure out cloning or I will have an assistant who can wash my dishes OR do my blogging.

Train cupcakes:

Sable's cookies:

Bug cake:

Aqua and Orange cake and cookies:

Cinderella cake and princess cupcakes:

Replica anniversary cake:

Longhorn graduation cake:

Cowboy bridal and groom's cake:

Colton's 1st birthday Elmo cake:

Suitcase and postcard cake (and yes I did hand paint all of the post cards myself!):

Jamie's shower:

I recently helped throw a bridal shower for a sweet friend of mine. I was in charge of the dessert table and some of the decor. I made everything on the dessert table (except the cake pops and plain sugar cookies on the far right side, the brides sister made those!), including the signage and fabric rosettes. Thanks to our new friend THE SILHOUETTE, we were able to make some very cute coordinating pieces!

The OREO's were a fun challenge:)

Lastly, a sweet baby shower cake!

Phew. I'm exhausted after typing all of that!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Flower Cake Pops, TCU graduation cakes, Holy Communion cake, Turtle Sugar cookies, Farm Animal Sugar Cookies, Western High Heel Bridal Shower, Back hoe cookies, Construction truck Cake

Slew of pictures coming your way!

Flower cake pops made for a Mother's Day Tea! I thought the tea pots would look great with these and I'm really pleased with how they turned out!

TCU graduation cakes:

I make a couple of these every year and this year was no exception! I love these cakes and really enjoy making them! Rodney does such an excellent job on the Horned Frogs!

Holy Communion cake:

This was made for a very sweet friend of ours. Her daughter was taking her first communion and came up with this concept for a cake. She dropped it off with us and asked that we create it on a sheet cake! It's very scary trying to implement someone's design into cake but I think we hit the nail right on the head with this one!

Turtle and Farm Animal sugar cookies:

I love the way these turned out. I need to repeat that - I LOVE THE WAY THESE TURNED OUT! The farm animals in particular. They are just so so so cute!

Western high heel bridal shower cake:

I LOVE this. I say that a lot, huh? The client who ordered this cake sent me a picture of the invitation and it had a high heel with a spur and a strap on it. She asked the brides colors be incorporated (turquoise, brown and cream) and that there be a bandana on it. This is what we came up with and I'm very pleased with the result. The shoe was completely freehanded, as were each of the other details (including the belt, buckles and bandana).

Back hoe cookie and construction cake:

These were made for a construction themed birthday party! My sweet friend only asked that we use the truck on the cake and we make some sort of cookie. We tried to keep it pretty simple with this cake because it was for a 2 year old little boy - love the truck. The little pencil makes me so happy for some reason!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Heart to Heart Pink and Green cake, Ruffle cake, Easter Cake Pops, Pink and Black Rose cake, Skateboard cake, Owl cake and shower, Turtle baby shower cake, and the WHITE PARTY!

I need a PA just to do my blogging/photo editing. I seriously wish I had someone who could just do this for me! It took me close to an hour to edit all of the photos!

Here's what's been happening around here lately! Including some pics from the WHITE PARTY we threw last weekend to celebrate my 30th birthday and the Owl themed baby shower that I helped throw for a very special friend.

Heart to Heart cake:

This was made for a prize drawing at my church's ladies retreat. The person who won this prize not only won the cake, but won a future cake of equal value at the time of their choosing. The top is real, the bottom is a styrofoam layer.

Easter Cake Pops and Cupcakes

Thanks to Bakerella for her ever inspiring creativity! I love love love the way the cake pops look when they are done but do not enjoy the process so much. The outcome makes it worth it though:)

Owl Baby shower:

I had the pleasure of helping throw our very close friend a baby shower along with her mother and her sister. When we started throwing around ideas for it, I thought the owl theme would be super cute and would match her personality! After weeks and weeks of planning, it was so exciting to see it all come together! I took care of the dessert table. We had the cake, mini cheesecakes, chocolate rice krispy pops, decorated sugar cookies and tootsie pops. I've included some other pictures of the shower because it turned out so great!

We also had the pleasure of making the cake for the work shower that was held last week! What a cute cake:)

Pink and black rose cake:

Made for a sweet lady's birthday!

Skateboard cake:

This cake was made for a super sweet little boy -- ahem, young man. Skateboard theme - made to match the design of the invitation.

Ruffle cake and White Party

So I turned 30 two weeks ago. And a few months ago I had this crazy idea that we should have a big, fancy party to celebrate that. A white party! (I'd been watching a lot of the OC Housewives at the time). So we bought a big fancy tent and made some cute invitations and I spent months making tissue paper poms and ribbon decorations.

We worked so hard on this party but it seemed like everything was going against us! It was forecasted to rain on the day of the party, I couldn't find THE dress, the wind was not our friend that day and to top it all off, I had food poisoning the day before and wasn't feeling my best. It did turn out to be pretty cute regardless. Here are some photos I snapped, including the dessert table. (white sugar cookies, white chocolate cheesecake cups, coffee truffles and white ruffle cake)

I included a crossword about yours truly in the place setting. Everyone tried to complete it during dinner to see who would correctly finish first. I gave out prizes for that, a guessing game (how many white beans are the jar) and for best dressed.

Walking out onto the patio

That's about it around here! We're gearing up for our baby girl's pre-k graduation next week, I can't believe she's already about to enter kindergarten! Where has the time gone?