Monday, October 25, 2010

Cowgirl, Cinderella, Pumpkin Patch, Barbecue Grill Cakes

Here's what we've been up to lately!

Cowgirl Cake for Rylee's friend, Reagan:

This cake was made for a SUPER cute western themed party! The kids rode horses, had s'mores pops and even drank lemonade out of boot shaped cups!

I love how this cake turned out. The belt buckle is my favorite part! I did make horse shaped cookies that were given out at this party but regrettably forgot to take pictures of them!

This cake was made for another little friend of Rylee's. Her mother is quite possibly the sweetest person I've ever made so I couldn't wait to get this cake made for them! All Vivi wanted was a Cinderella doll cake with her very own Cinderella in it :)

The pumpkin patch cake was a fun one to make! Rodney totally carved the pumpkin himself! Didn't he do a great job? He's such the carver-extraordinaire. I love the vines and leaves on this cake! I had fun decorating it and putting it together!

Tailgate 2010/Barbecue Grill cake

Every year our church holds a big tailgate party outside on the grounds during the weekend that the Cowboys have a by (no one would come if they were playing - though I'm not totally sure that's accurate this season).  Groups get together and cook and try to outdo one another. It's a lot of fun and very competitive! I was in charge of our tailgate last year (and we won!) but I've sort of had to pass the reigns a bit this year because I have just about nine other million things going on (and when I say nine million, I mean Logan and Hadley). 

Anyway, our tailgate grew so much this year! We had SEVENTY people included in our group. That's pretty amazing! The food was awesome and I'm so glad to know so many others that share in my passion for cooking/baking/decorating. 

Most of us felt like The Rangers were the team we wanted to support this year so we decorated with baseballs and wore our Ranger gear :) (what? baseball fans tailgate too!)

Every year Rodney and I make a big cake for the tailgate party and this year we decided to make a barbecue grill. It's always a fun project for us to work on - and I'm pleased with how it turned out. (representing the Rangers on my fondant napkin, too)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pink Cowgirl Cake, Colorful Butterflies, Jimmy Johnson cake, Peter Pan Skateboard

Here are some things we've completed recently!

Cowgirl themed Cake and Cookies

With the awesome tags that you can plant!

Before they were bagged

Colorful Butterfly Cupcakes and stacked cake

Cupcakes Alone - aren't they pretty?!

Jimmy Johnson Cake (Nascar)

Peter Pan Skate board