Saturday, February 17, 2007

Ryan's dragon cake

I'd never made a dragon cake before but one of our very best friends, Ryan was having a 30th birthday bash and he decided the theme of this bash would be dragons. After all, he was born in the year of the dragon. Plus, I think he just likes dragons. So I just had to make this cake. Surprisingly it wasn't too difficult. It's arranged from two 8 inch cakes, one 6 inch and 2 ding dongs (the head). The cakes were split in half and then placed side by side to form the body (one of the 8 inches and the 6 inch). The other 8 inch made up the tail, the neck and some other random fill-in spots. The hardest part about this cake was icing it. Once it was iced and set, I gently pushed on it to form a scale-like effect. The eyes were made of marshmallow fondant (fondant made from marshmallows) and the fire was red decoraters icing.

I made the block of cheese out of yellow candy melts. Ryan loves cheese so it only made sense to incorporate it into the design. Everything on this cake was edible except for the candle on top of the wedge of cheese. I had a great time doing this cake. Ryan seemed to especially love it and that's all that matters!

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