Sunday, September 23, 2007


This cake was made for my sister in-law, Ana.

It's a 3 layered white cake with strawberries and vanilla buttercream in the middle. The cake is also entirely iced and decorated in vanilla buttercream.

Ana loves cherry blossoms (maybe more than I do) so I chose to make her a cake with a cherry blossom theme. I picked different shades of green because I thought it would suit her perfectly!

Happy Birthday Ana!

Suzy's Cake

This was made for our friend Suzy's, 30th birthday. She asked that the cake be blue with white borders and a chocolate "30."

This is a plain vanilla cake with vanilla bc and chocolate drizzle on the sides.

I'm particularly pleased with the shade of blue I got on this cake, I absolutely love it!

This also just so happened to be the first cake made in the new house. Actually, this would be the 3rd and 4th cakes. The first two were VERY, VERY messed up. I only had to mess up on two (cakes) in order to figure out the workings of my new oven though and I'd say that's pretty good! (btw, new oven = awesome)

Happy Birthday Suzy!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Cupcakes for AJ

These cupcakes were made for our former swim buddy, AJ. AJ turned 1 recently and his mom requested these football themed cupcakes!

The cupcakes decorated like footballs are chocolate with chocolate buttercream and the field cupcakes are vanilla with vanilla buttercream!

Loved making these, they were a blast! I hope AJ enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed making them!

Kelsey's Cupcakes

These were made for Kelsey, for the day of her birthday. They are chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing, dressed up with a few silver dragees for the 3 year old princess!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Kelsey's cake

This cake was made for my friend Tricia's daughter, Kelsey. She is turing 3 and requested a Disney Princess theme. She went back and forth a few times on the princess she wanted so Tricia told me to just pick one. I decided to make Belle because the doll torso/heads that you can buy at your local cake shop/craft store are pretty generic and this one looked closest to her.

The 1/4 sheet is french vanilla cake with raspberry filling and the "dress" of the cake is french vanilla with no filling. All covered with vanilla buttercream.

This was a fun cake to make even though it turned out a little more YELLOW than I'd wanted it to. I'm happy with the results.

Plus, Rodney said it looks like Belle, which is all the approval I need.

P.S - please excuse the toaster/other kitchen items in the picture, we're in the process of moving!