Saturday, February 17, 2007

Stars Cake

This cake was made for someone at Charlie Tango (co-worker of Rodney's). This cake was made out of 4 sheet cakes. Two stacked in the middle and two split (two that were stacked on one another) in half to form each side (the arms).

This cake was pretty hard. Just trying to get the design right and the colors down took forever. You never really realize how intricate things are until you try to duplicate them. It probably would have been much easier to use fondant - but I happen to hate the taste of fondant. I've made a batch or two of marshmallow fondant (which tastes SOOOOOO much better) but I haven't worked with it enough to actually cover a cake this big yet.

Double credit on this cake - Rodney definitely worked overtime. There has to be 500 piped stars on that cake.

I wasn't completely satisfied with the cake - I was unhappy with the arms and how you can't really tell they are seperate from the body of the jersey but everyone loved it (including the birthday girl) and that always makes me happy!

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