Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Red Sox

This cake was made for a birthday up at Tango. The birthday day boy this cake was for is really into sports and played baseball in college so I asked Rodney to find out what his favorite team was.

I decided to try a different type of cake this time - I was given no specific instructions as to what kind of type of cake it should be. So, knowing that the birthday boy is also a fan of chocolate, I came up with the Oreo Cookie cake. It's a triple chocolate cake with oreo filling (oreo pudding mixed with whipped cream --- DELICIOUS!) and vanilla buttercream. Rodney and I both sampled this cake as well and it's one of my new favorites. It tastes just like an oreo cookie and when you cut into it, it looks like it too.

I made the Red Sox logo using the frozen buttercream transfer technique. This is the second time I've attempted this but this time seemed harder for some reason. I was REALLY unhappy with the way this transfer came out, a lot of the lines are pushed together and there was some bleeding as well. The day that I made this cake was a tough day for me - things were crazy around here and all I wanted to do was get this cake done. By the time I got the transfer on this cake, it was nearly 9pm and I hadn't even gotten Rylee ready for bed yet. (Rodney had band practice that night) It was too late for me to start over so I had to leave it, even if I was miserable with the results.

Rodney said he loved the cake, he said he thought the logo was absolutely perfect (and this is the guy who would know) and couldn't believe I had done it. I guess that means it was a success, even if I didn't think so. Please excuse the crappy picture, I was upset with this cake and didn't really care about making the picture look nice.

*On a slightly different note, I applied online to be a Wilton Method Instructor today and received confirmation that my application had been accepted. Basically what happens is, you apply online - they accept you (or not) and then place you at a store that has an opening. They keep your file active for 6 months for openings during that time and at the end of the 6 months, you can resubmit your application to be put on file again. I looked yesterday and they have two openings in the area listed. My application has been accepted so now I'm just waiting to see if someone wants me! I think it's a really good opportunity for me, I really enjoy teaching and I'd be doing something that I love at the same time. Plus, it's a great way to get some extra practice and I'd only be working a few hours during the evenings/weekends. Just a little extra money, but it's better than nothing! Fingers crossed!

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