Wednesday, May 23, 2007

German Chocolate

This cake was made for a going away party. I had a hard time deciding whether or not I should cover the entire cake with the coconut-pecan filling or chocolate bc. I think covering the cake with the filling might be a southern thing, my parents have always done that. It seems like a little much to me but you know, there's a reason why Houston is the fattest city in America. (please note that I don't live in Houston but I'm almost positive that the rest of this state is not too far behind) Also, my parents are CRAZY about pecans and coconut. I think my mom would put them both into everything if she could. I was saying about the German Chocolate cake. I went with the filling on top and in the middle, chocolate buttercream on the outside. I had a little cake left over and I made a sample or two to try, you know, to make sure it was edible and all...I made Rodney take a bite. That's right, he took a bite. Now, if you know my husband, you understand his hatred for both pecans AND coconut. He actually loathes them both. He usually can't eat desserts at my parents house for this very reason. He tried it though and he actually liked it. This was a good sign. If the dude that hates coconut and pecans likes my german chocolate cake, I must have done something right!

Double layer german chocolate cake with coconut-pecan filling and chocolate buttercream. I added the chocolate drizzle on the sides because I thought it was a little too plain. I also made a fun-foam plaque that had a goodbye message on it but I had already photographed the cake. So,use your imaginations.

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landa said...

These look really good. I especially love how the chocolate one looks.