Sunday, May 6, 2007

The 3rd in 3/Cheesecake Cups

So, it's been a busy weekend for me. I had two pretty involved cakes due Saturday (see lower two posts) and an order of cheesecake cups due today.

These are really fun to make -- and really easy to eat! (note to self, there is a difference in tasting things you make and actually devouring them. do not make extras if you want to stay un-whale like.) (another note to self: you are becoming partially whale-like, stop all tasting immediately)

There are six dark chocolate cups and six white chocolate cups. I used Guittard chocolates this time instead of the Wilton ones that I typically use and WOW is there a huge difference!! Those are some amazing chocolates, hats off to you Guittard!

I used the cordial molds to make the cups and my own very special cheesecake recipe for the filling. Cherries on top to complete the look!

I really like using candy molds. They take some time and some effort but I love the end result. The cordial mold is such a good thing too, you get to eat the whole piece and that's always good. It's kind of like art. Edible art anyway.


Jessica said...

Guess I should have stuck around a little longer today :)

Lindsey said...

Yum!! Those are very pretty. I have to tell myself the same thing....about the incessant tasting.

Frosted Garden said...

You guys are too nice! Yes Jess you should have stayed, I was done pretty soon after you left!