Monday, November 9, 2009

Sears Wedding cakes, Tailgate Cake

(sorry for the poor quality of the wedding cake pictures - the lighting wasn't the best in the reception hall)

Bottom tier is vanilla with black raspberry, second tier is red velvet, third tier is lemon and the top tier is a dummy. Shades of pink were the theme of this wedding, I love the way this cake turned out!

The groom's cake is vanilla chocolate chip with chocolate buttercream.

This was the cake for the tailgate party this year at our church. It also served as my brother's birthday cake :)

Rylee's birthday party is this week - lots of baking and crafting over the next few days!


Andrew's Mom said...
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Andrew's Mom said...

Great! Happy Birthday Ryley! (original comment deleted because I'm so tired I can't spell Ryley correctly after just reading it!)

Gossip Girl said...

you are amazing and i love you! your cakes are great too.... :)

The Sweet Life Studio said...

Love it! If I may ask, what did you use for the goal posts (underneath the fondant)?