Monday, November 16, 2009

Rylee's 4th Birthday Cake/Party

Here are the pictures and a few details of Rylee's 4th birthday cake/party!

The cake:

I saw a cake similar to this on Pink Cake Box's website. We happened to be using this invitation for the party so I thought it would fit perfectly! The birthday girl requested a pink crown on top so we added that to the design as well. The bottom tier is strawberry with cream cheese filling. The top is banana cake with cream cheese filling. All covered in fondant and fondant details!

I do two cookie favors each year at her party. These are the ones we went with this year!

The favors:

This is probably my favorite part of putting together Rylee's birthday parties. I love to come up with different favors each year. I used the same person to do the boxes as I did last year, with a little different design.

Pink and black for the girls, green and black for the boys. To check out the other awesome designs, visit Shelley at her Etsy shop:

The charms that are attached to each box were also found on Etsy. I was able to pick the color and font for the little discs and once I received they, I attached the metal lanyards (found at Hobby Lobby for $1.50 for about 30). I tied the tags to the boxes so that each child would know which was theirs. They work great as zipper pulls for backpacks or even jackets! Here's the Etsy shop where I found these super cute discs!

Inside the box...

I found another great Etsy seller that made cute mini notepads and had him design some based on the invitation. They came out PERFECTLY! I put a mini gel pen in the box to go along with the notepad.

The shop that created these for me can be found here :


I bought a bulk supply of bubbles (24) in the wedding section at WalMart for about $4. I had Rodney create a label (again based on the design on the invitation) that read, "Rylee's B-Day Bubbles." We printed them on some address labels and attached them to the bubbles. They turned out pretty cute!

Gummy Bear Soaps:

I found another unique Etsy seller that makes fun soaps, including some that look like gummy bears. I thought these would be fun (and practical considering it's flu season) for the kids!

Check out for other cute soaps!

I also added a little package of fruit snacks to each box to complete the whole thing! Like I said, I LOVE this part of party planning!

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