Sunday, August 5, 2007

Physics Book

Here's cake #2 for the week!

This cake is for one of Rodney's co-workers (and closest friends), Tony. He's a drummer just like Rodney. He specifically said he did not want a drum cake so I was left to come up with something on my own. He loves to read and is into photography so I chose what I thought was easiest of the two, reading.

This cake was a little on the difficult side, specifically regarding the icing. The carving of this cake was done by the resident cake carver, Rodney. It's two red velvet 1/4 sheets with a "lip carved into opposite sides of each one and then sandwiched together to look like a book.

I went with green icing because almost everyone does brown on book cakes and I thought brown was a little boring. The effect on the "pages" were made with a fork and the rest of the decorations on the book were made from mmf.

I'm pleased with the outcome of it, even though there are some rough spots. I can't expect it to be perfect if I'm not using fondant, so I guess I'm okay with it!


Anonymous said...

That came out great. How did you make the letters?


Steph said...

Thanks! The letters were made from fondant. I used the Wilton letter/number cutters that come packaged together. I think I bought mine at Hobby Lobby but I know that MIchaels carries them as well!

Lindsey said...

Love it! And I'm glad for the tips. I'm getting ready to make another cake for a friend's birthday. I wish I lived near you and I'd have you make it!

Steph said...

Thanks! This one was a little harder than I expected - I don't like to cover a lot of my cakes completely with fondant and buttercream proves to be tough to deal with at times but I pick my battles. I wish we lived near one another too, I'd have you make me dinner!