Saturday, August 11, 2007

Flying V

This guitar was made for a friend of my mom's. It's her daughter's birthday and she requested a guitar cake. She originally requested a Warlock but said a flying V would be fine as well. I choose the latter of the two, the warlock would have been pretty difficult.

The body of the guitar is red velvet, the neck and headstock are chocolate. Iced completely in buttercream. All of the decorations on the cake were made from mmf and painted with silver luster dust. The only thing non-edible on this piece are the strings. We used dental floss and secured them down with edible silver dragees.

When I designed this cake originally, I had no intent on using the star tip. I wanted to ice the guitar as I would a normal cake, with a smooth finish. However, after the cake had been placed on the board and Rodney attempted to crumb coat it - we realized that the cake was not sturdy enough. We reinforced it with a straw and some toothpicks but the neck and headstock were still particularly wiggly. I decided to go ahead and use the star tip on the cake. I knew that once I did that, it would help stiffen it up. This cake was being picked up, not delivered and I never want to send a cake off with someone when it could potentially fall apart.

This was the first guitar I've made, it was quite the learning experience!

*Rodney was the engineer on this cake. He carved and crumb coated it for me. He's getting pretty good at carving, I'm so proud and I couldn't have gotten this cake done without him!

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Anonymous said...

That's awesome. I don't know if I could have thought of designing a cake like that.


Ryan Davies said...

I'd like to play that! Or eat it, more likely...

Leah R said...

You've inspired me! My soon-to-be 3 year old is obsessed with Guitar Hero and so i'm going to give this cake a shot- wish me luck!

SUPER said...

The secret ingredient in this pretty heart-shaped cake is whipped cream, which replaces butter as the fat and gives the cake an airy texture.

Kristi said...

Love the cake, saw your comments about it not being sturdy. A trick I have learned is to take a clean dish towel as soon as the cake comes out of the oven, lay over top and gently press. It compresses all the air out of the cake, makes it more level, and a lot more sturdy. It looked great!!