Thursday, July 26, 2007

Mod Mom

This cake was made for a baby shower. This theme is pretty popular. In fact, we had this theme at my shower, so I'm kind of partial to it.

The cake is three layers of triple chocolate, smoothered between raspberry filling and covered in white chocolate buttercream. The decorations were made of fondant/gum paste and the plaque is fun foam!

I'm pleased with this cake, I love how bright the colors came out (in fact, I made sure the flash was on for a few of the pictures I took just so I could capture it's brightness!) and the fondant looks pretty good. (thanks to rodney for making the fondant for me! and cutting out the mommy!)

Rylee and I will be delivering this cake tomorrow morning!


landa said...

Oh this is cute.

Michele W. in Florida said...

That's adorable. I also did a shower cake today. How funny. I like yours better. Mine is just a boring baby. LOL That's what my friend wanted. Oh, well, maybe next time I can make something fancier!

marta said...

oh my. this is wonderful. love your cakes. so so adorable, i could eat them!