Friday, July 6, 2007


As promised, cake # 2!

The inspiration for this cake also came from CakeCentral (so many great cakes)! I decided to make a cake like this because we are going to a restaurant called, "Margarita Ranch" for Rodney's birthday. I thought this would be fun and appropriate!

I bought the glass from Michaels and lined it with red/pink tinted vanilla buttercream. In the middle is two layers of a vanilla cake with strawberries sandwiched in between. Once the cake was in, I added more buttercream and then added the "sweaty stuff," as Lisa would call it (edible glitter). I put piping gel around the edge of the glass and sprinkled on some sanding sugar for the salt effect! The lime wedge was picked up at a candy store and the only thing real on this cake is the straw!

Hopefully it looks this good tomorrow!

Have a sip!

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