Friday, July 6, 2007

Blooregard Q. Kazoo

This is cake #1 of 3 for Rodney's birthday. I'm currently working on cake 2.

I was visisting CakeCentral one evening a few months ago when I found a cake that was made to look like Rodney's favorite cartoon character. He saw it and went crazy, saying I HAD to make it for his birthday.

This cake is four 6 inch rounds with half of a sports ball pan on top. They are alternating layers of chocolate and vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream. The person who designed this cake did her's in fondant. We attempted that but it was nearly impossible. I made mmf which didn't work and we used wilton's fondant, which didn't work either. It's a very odd shape to cover in fondant. I've never had so much trouble, not even with the airplane cake!

We opted for buttercream - which is fine with me because I'm not a huge fan of fondant anyway. I really like marshmallow fondant but I HATE premade (unless it's Satin Ice, that's okay) so buttercream is cool with me. The entire cake is covered in "bloo" colored buttercream, the accents are fondant. I made the eyes using a cookie cutter and some edible marker. The cake was suprisingly easy to smooth, despite it's odd shape.

I snapped these pictures just before I messed the cake up. That's right, I messed it up. This almost never happens. Usually someone else messes it up. Ahem, ahem. It was me this time though - I nudged it with one of my knuckles when I was placing it the box, which caused it to crack on the side. It's not TERRIBLE but I hate that it got messed up. I started to fix it but Rodney said he doesn't want me to change it because he's VERY happy with the placement of the eyes and mouth. Cracked Bloo it is!

Stay tuned for birthday cake #2.


Jessica said...

It looks just like him!

landa said...

OMG BLOO! I love it!

chefdanea said...

Hi, I am Danea.
I also, am a mom who bakes and designs cakes at home! I love your cherry blossoms, but I am blown away by the smoothness of your buttercream. How do you get your cakes so smooth? I have tried everything can't so I just stick to fondant. Could you email me back or call me to teach me? I would really appreciate it!