Saturday, June 23, 2007

New Crisco, I hate thee

This order was for a good friend of mine. A childhood friend of mine actually. We'd lost touch for a little while but started talking again a little over a year ago (thanks myspace!) and found out that we have the same OBGYN! These cupcakes and smash cake are for her son Nathan's, first birthday! (what a cutie by the way!) You can check him out at The Briggs Family.

The theme of this party is bugs, so I made the cupcakes and smash cake to go along with said theme. There are 50 cupcakes (half chocolate, half white) and the "smash cake" is two layers, 5 inches (white cake).

I really enjoyed making these cupcakes and thought they came out pretty well, I just didn't know how time consuming they were going to be. I literally spent from 9 am until nearly 7 pm only working on those. I finally started the smash cake at 10pm. (had to take a break!)

Any problems you ask? Why yes, there were in fact.

What's up with the new Crisco? Anyone else hate it as much as I do? I know, I know, 0 trans fat is better -- I know this. Seriously though, it's not better for my icing consistency. I've had nothing but problems since they made this switch. I use an all shortening icing recipe and now I'm not sure what I'm going to do short from ordering some expensive stuff via internet. I NEVER have any problems with my icing bleeding but that's all I had this time. The consistency has changed and it's extra greasy and it doesn't seem to hold color as well as before either. I had to fix the smash cake this morning because of some bleeding problems and some mini cupcakes I'd made for another event we went to this afternoon were SUPER greasy and almost sweating. I've also noticed that it's harder to smooth. I don't like to use the "hot knife" method unless I absolutely have to (hate waiting for the cake to dry) and I ABSOLUTELY had to. The icing was sliding off of the cake a lot too and pulling away as well. It's getting to be that time of year when it's ridiculous hot here in North Texas and because it's been raining and flooding for the last 2 months, it's unbearably humid. I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to start refrigerating all of my cakes, no matter what, during the summer and fall. (fall is hot here too) This Crisco problem is making this that much worse.

I'm so mad at Crisco right now.

Anyway, the cupcakes are cute! I hope Nathan enjoys his cake and his first birthday!


landa said...

OMG I hate that crap. I have resorted to using store brand shortening. I really dont like shortening icings but others do so I make it that way.

Blithe and Bonny said...

They look cute even with all the trouble...

fearofpop said...

Those caterpillars are super cute! How did I miss seeing this one before

Robin said...

Try Sweetex. It still contains trans fat and is made specifically for frosting. I buy it at a local cake supply store, but I know you can get it online.

Pauline said...

I found that a black devils food cake that I've been making for decades---a family favorite--- is nowhere near as good with the new Crisco. It even smells different--- kind of like oil that's gone bad. I went looking for a new recipe---and all of them seemed to call for shortening. What now?

Even when I used it to grease a baking pan, it smelled odd and was harder than usual to wash off.

I never worried about the trans fat because we used Crisco so little--- a cake every few months. Now no trans-fat, but no traditional chocolate cake, either. I don't even dare try my old blueberry muffin recipe.