Sunday, June 10, 2007

Clouds, Showers and Cookies

This cake for a baby shower that I actually attended this afternoon! It was made to coinside with the theme of the baby's room, which is celestial. I spent a few days emailing pictures/ideas back and forth with my friend (who the shower was for) before we decided upon the look of this cake.

It's a strawberry cake with vanilla bc. The baby is made from gum paste/fondant, as are the stars and the moon. This is the second baby that I made, the first one was terrible. For some reason I thought using only gum paste would suffice but, oh, it did not. Too shiny, cracked on the face, terrible. This turned out better. I hardly ever make babies and animals, they intimidate me a little but this one looks like it's supposed to.

This cookie bouquet was also made for the shower and was basically my gift to her. We'd discussed having cookies as favors and since she was working with a budget, I just decided this would be my gift.

The cookies are NFSC with rolled buttercream. Inside the pot is a styrofoam block that is holding the cookies in place. I orginally had some shredded (colored) paper in the pot for a grass effect (and to cover the styrofoam block) but decided it didn't look right and switched to tissue paper in the end. I'm much happier with the way this looks and I absolutely love the way the colors blend together.

I'm really hoping that people like these cookies bouquets, I just love making them and putting them together. I really think it's a cool way to display your cookies and favors too! I know I am always looking for new and innovative ways to present things, I think this definitely counts!

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Lindsey said...

That cake is so cute!

I never got around to making a cake for my son's 1st birthday--well, not one that I decorated. Maybe next year....I still want to try out your recipe though.