Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hi ratio shortening/Triple Chocolate Mania

Here is the high ratio shortening that I bought yesterday. I went in with the intention of buying the 50 pound case of it but decided to try it out first, just in case I didn't like it.

Incidently, I found a cake supply shop just down the street from my house. All of this time we've been driving out to Richardson (about 20 miles each way, maybe more) to get supplies AND WE'VE BEEN PASSING THIS SHOP ON THE WAY not even knowing it. It's a bummer when I think about how much gas that wasted but still, I'm glad I found this place. I let them know that they'd be seeing a lot of me now that I'm aware of them. We talked a little about how much the new Crisco sucked and how everyone has been complaining about it. Yeah, it really does suck. In the next couple of years Trans Fat will be pretty much banned from this country and I'll have to figure out another way of making my icing but until then, trans fat it is! (on another note, the generic brands of vegetable shortening still have trans fat in it. I've checked at Target and heard that the Wal-Mart brand does too. I suppose I could start using the Target brand.)

Back to the shortening. It mixed great. Better than Crisco by a million. I usually have to add 1/2 cup of powdered sugar at a time but with this stuff....I could dump a cup and a half in at a time. I had to add a little bit more water than I normally do because the consistency was pretty stiff, but it still came out great. I had no problems smoothing it, none of the cake pulled away, no sweating, nothing! (I didn't have to use color in this cake but I will for the cake I start tomorrow. we'll see how it does with color) The only difference with this shortening is that it made the icing taste slightly different than it normally does. It's not a huge difference but I can definitely tell that it's not the same. If you've ever had the Wilton canned icing, it kind of tasted like that. Well, exactly like that as a matter of fact. It also tasted like more like a few of the bakeries icings I've had over the years. It's not a terrible thing. I told Rodney (this cake is for two people at tango) to see if anyone says anything about it. If anyone mentions that it tastes different, I'll just try the generic brand until they go to zero trans fat as well.

*for the record, I'm in no way pro trans fat in any other circumstance. I'm glad we're getting rid of it and phasing it out in the stores (even though I don't cook many things that have trans fat in it). I like it in my icing because it helps it hold up better. Without it I have sweating, seperation, discoloration....it's not good.

The cake below is for two of Rodney's co-workers who have birthdays this week. It's what I like to call "triple chocolate mania." Two layers of devil's food, the filling is chocolate chip mousse and the frosting is milk chocolate buttercream!

I'm not super happy with this cake. Mostly the writing - I blame my brother, Clifford for this. I had been working on the cake and had finished everything except the writing when he came over to visit with us. He was being oddly funny today and everytime I would go to write a letter, he would make me laugh. I tried to correct it as much as I could but it didn't seem to want to fix. Oh well, it's not awful. Not my favorite though. I'm pretty happy with the cake in general, other than the writing.

Two more cakes this week!

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Krystal said...

where did you find this place? Do they have a web site?