Saturday, June 6, 2009

iPhone, graduation cakes, cherry blossom wedding, groom's cake, hamburger cupcakes, shrek cake!

These were on the agenda this week! It's definitely been a crazy one!!

Wedding of the week:

The bottom tier is vanilla with strawberry buttercream, the second tier is vanilla with black raspberry buttercream, third tier is vanilla with whipped lemon buttercream and the top tier is fake!

The groom's cake is triple chocolate with amaretto buttercream filling, chocolate buttercream on the outside and chocolate covered strawberries.

These are vanilla cupcakes split in half, brownie "meat patties," fondant lettuce and cheese, royal icing mustard and ketchup!

Rodney did such a good job carving this Shrek face out - it was seriously scary having it in my house it was so realistic! All vanilla cake with fondant, RKT ears. Loved this one!


Andrew's Mom said...


Grimmy said...

They are ALL awesome, but my fav is Shrek!

Caroline said...

Wow, those are amazing!! I wish I lived near you so I could get the iphone cake for my sons (who are obsessed with their ipods!!). I just wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award. You can get the details on my blog ( I hope you can join in. I love looking at your pictures (I just wish I could frost a cake!!)

Eric said...

The iPhone cake was for my going away party at work a little over a month ago. Thanks, it was perfect!

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Sofia Britts said...

Those cakes are really creative. I think I'll include one of those for the graduation party of my sister this coming Saturday. Online cash advance has helped me have enough amount of money for everything I needed for the kind of party she's been asking me since the school year started.