Saturday, January 17, 2009

Liberty's 1st Birthday

These cakes were made for some very good friend's of ours, for their daughter's first birthday! Mommy Marissa pretty much gave me creative freedom with these only asking to match the invitation print as best we could. This cake is especially special to me because I also made the cake for shower thrown to welcome Liberty! I'm pleased with the results but their are definitely some changes that I would make in hindsight.

The main cake is a 1/4 sheet vanilla iced in buttercream with fondant and buttercream accents. I love how the cake turned out but I'm not sold on the paper I chose for the board. I think the two different blues are a little too much. After thinking and thinking about how I wanted to add the "swirly" design, I finally decided to carefully brush some brilliant silver luster dust in different patterns on the buttercream. I'm very pleased with the results.

The cake from the side:

The original print:

From the front:

The Smash Cake

This is also a vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream. It's a 5 inch cake, the "1" on top is fondant that I painted with teal luster dust. Love the colors on this one!

The original print:

Liberty is such a cutie and it was a ton of fun watching her dive into her cake! Happy Birthday Liberty!


Kris said...

So stinkin' cute!!

The LaCour's said...

These cakes were awesome. Liberty LOVED hers. I just has another piece a few minutes ago. Can't let a good thing go to waste!

landa said...

Oh these are great looking cakes. Great job