Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I made these cupcakes for our friend Tyler who requested/suggested them. Tyler has a life-long tradition of eating a banana cake (from a very specific bakery in Canada) on special occasions and he thought it might be good for me to take a stab at it.

I made two versions, one with toasted coconuts and pecans baked in (and on top) and one plain, with banana flavoring only.

These came out GREAT and I'm definitely adding them to my menu. I'm very pleased with the result and taste. I used banana cream candy flavoring instead of banana extract to achieve the taste I was going for. Recently I've noticed that when using extracts, my cupcakes seem to "sink" a bit. Not so with the flavoring - cupcakes came out perfectly fluffy and delicious!

With toasted pecans and coconut



CatholicGirl said...

Just wondering what sized star tip you're using to ice these cupcakes? I think I use too small a tip, then I lose the deffiniton in the swirls. I just want you to know that you have *this* amateur cake decorator's admiration! You make a beautiful cake! God bless!

Pastelitos Homemade said...

uH I have the same question as catholic girl, I mean Im so amateur at this, my mother's birthday is coming over and I 'll llike to know how do you make these two swirls!


beautiful cakes!