Sunday, December 9, 2007

Pink Treasure Chest

The first of many posts from this busy, busy week! Don't forget to scroll down to see my new creations from the past few days!

This is my second attempt at a treasure chest. The only things different from the last one I made is that this one is pink, it's a marble cake, the hardware was silver instead of gold and I used a few different candies.

Everything on this cake is completely edible!

I really love making these cakes!


Neebie said...

Hello, I was on Google and happen to type in "UNT Graduation Cake" your blog popped up and I saw the cake you made in May of this year. I am graduating on Saturday from UNT as well. Can you tell me how much you charge for such a cake as the UNT one you did? I live in FW and used to live in Bedford before, so am familiar with the area. Please let me know how in advance you would need in order to make a cake. We are wanting something on Sunday. My email address is as follows:

Thank you so much.


Steph said...


I sent you an email! Hope to hear back from you!