Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Picture Roll - almost a year late!

I know I'm a terrible blogger and I really need to be better about it! My 4th month of the year resolution is to be better about updating my blog! 

I'm going to post the pictures of the cakes we've done since last June! 

Little Man tie cake and cookies:

Retro baby shower with fondant shoes:

Chevron Bow tie Cookies

Bridal Cake and Groom's Cake

Doggy Bowl Cake

Urban Air Trampoline Cake 

Pool Table Groom's Cake

Neon themed topsy turvy cake! 

Minnie Mouse Smash cake and Party cake

Treasure Chest cake for my sweet boy's 3rd birthday (Jake and the Neverland Pirates themed)

Mardi Gras Bridal Cake

Merida themed cake for Rylee's 7th birthday 

Minnie and Mickey cupcakes

Muno cake and cupcakes for our sweet nephew, Max.

Owl cakes

Tinkerbell cake for for Hadley's 3rd birthday!

I know I am missing a bunch! I will update more soon! (Promise!) Thanks for keeping up with us!

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