Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mickey and Minnie themed cakes and party, Handy Manny cake, pink and orange party, stacked book cakes, dance party cakes, 30th birthday cake

I am officially the worst blogger ever! The old "I've got twins!" defense probably isn't holding too much water any more but shoot! I've got twins!

In all honesty, we had Christmas, the twins 1st birthday, I styled a party for a friend and then we were at Disney for a week. I caught the worst case of the flu eve when we returned, we've all had stomach viruses and ear infections...what else can we catch at this point? (actually, don't answer that)

Anyway, here are some pictures of a few things we've done including and starting off with Logan and Hadley's first birthday party :)

I went with a vintage Mickey and Minnie theme for my sweet babies!

The birthday boy and girl :)

Handy Manny cake:

Sofia's party:

Stacked book cake:

Dance Party Cakes/Cupcakes

30th birthday cake:

Yay! I finally got a post up! Hopefully I'll be better about it from here on out!

xo :)


Daisy Girl said...

LOVE all your cakes, but the Minnie/Mickey party totally rocked! How fun was that?!? The cakes and everything were so cute. Great job!

Anonymous said...

Your babies are beautiful! Love all the cakes. I have to try that stacked book one. Awesome!