Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The busiest week ever.

Wow! Can't believe we made it through this week! Just when I think that it can't get any crazier, it does!

Here's what went down around here ON TOP of all of our Halloween activities...

Our biggest project this week was a wedding and groom's cake for a friend. Monica and Nick are such a cute and fun couple and I was REALLY excited to take on this project. Through our meetings we somehow agreed that I would also do the flower for their big day! It was a big project but I had a lot of fun!

The wedding cake:

A quick snap I took at the GORGEOUS location. (check it out www.belltowerfortworth.com)

Doesn't it look great against the stain glass? That whole room was gorgeous! 

The groom's cake

I think this cake really personifies who Monica and Nick are as a couple! I love how unique and different it is for a groom's cake! 

I actually ended up doing the flowers for this wedding, too! How crazy am I? If you ask Rodney, the answer would be "INSANE." I had some awesome help (thanks Andrea and Ana!) and I'm pretty happy with the results. I didn't photograph any thing except the bridal bouquet! 

You can't see it but there is bear grass looped around the whole thing as well. Wish I had taken some better pictures! Hopefully the photographer got some shots of the florals.

Sweet Parker

This was for our friend, Arden. Arden's an AMAZING photographer! Seriously, she's one of the best and you should book with her! (www.ardenprucha.com) Her precious daughter recently turned a year old and she went with a Sweet Pea theme (play on words - get it? Pea = Parker).

The smash cake :)

Bridal shower

A themed Halloween Party!

What a crazy busy week! We made it through and I'm so proud of us! Time to start working on a certain little girl's 5th birthday...it's just 3 weeks away! I can't believe it...


Leslie said...

Hey Stephanie,
I just saw your pictures on Arden's website. AMAZING! I followed her link to your cake blog and had to tell you how amazing your cake creations are. You are so talented!!! I would love to know how much you charge for some of them. I just finished "birthday season" with my kiddos, but would love to have it in the back of my mind for next year. My daughter would love the Cinderella Cake. Great to see you again.

Leslie (Bogle) Thomas

Steph said...

Hey Leslie! Great to see you, too! You have a BEAUTIFUL family! We are right in the thick of birthday season, so I know how you feel (the twins were born NYE last year)! Email me at frostedgarden@gmail.com if you want some info for the future and I'll be happy to get it to you. Congrats on your upcoming addition