Friday, September 3, 2010

Green Eggs and Ham baby shower cake, Teapot, Triathlon Cake

These are the cakes we worked on last week! What a crazy busy week it was, too!

Green Eggs & Ham baby shower:

This was a new one for us! We had to put on our engineering hats on to figure out the mechanics of this one. It was a challenge but we figured it out! Kudos to Rodney for making this work!

Teapot Cake:

This was made for a little girl's tea party themed birthday! Loved the way it turned out, very girly and sweet!

Dave's Triathlon Cake:

This was for our friend, Dave. Dave's wife threw him a surprise 40th birthday party at Dave and Buster's and I helped her plan everything for this exciting event! We worked for a few weeks on the perfect combination of party favors to be included in each box and she wanted a cake that represented the things that Dave loves! Both being avid athletes, the triathlon cake seemed just right!

After I finished the cake, I emailed Jenn a pic and she informed me that the bicycler was supposed to be on the middle tier and the runner should be on the top! After a little bit of refiguring, I switched the two and added some things to cover up the fondant that was messed up when the pieces were removed. These pictures were taken at the party by Jenn and Dave's friend, George (George Dean Photography in Denton, TX). I also designed the party favor boxes, aren't they cute?

Fun party and fun cake to make!

See you guys next week, we have a bunch of cool designs coming up soon!


Lacey said...

I love the Green Eggs and Ham cake. So impressive!!

Daisy Girl said...

I love these cakes! I would loved to have seen how you put the green eggs and ham one together! Crazy!