Friday, January 22, 2010

Cakes from December/January

Here are the lost cakes from December!!

For our good friend and golf lover William's 30th birthday:

Cupcakes for school:

Two tiered blue cake:

Batman/superman cake:

Yo Gabba Gabba cupcakes/cake:

TCU graduation cake:

January Cakes so far:

Hello Kitty cake made for Rylee's good friend Sofia, for her 5th birthday (this cake was done the first week we were home with the twins!)

Mario/Luigi cake made for an old friend's son's 6th birthday! (this was made last week!)

We have one cake this week and 2 next (maybe three). So far we've been able to handle 1 cake, we'll see how we do with more!


Andrew's Mom said...

Amazing how you are getting these done with twins and a little one!

Grimmy said...

Very cool. They all look great.

Jimmy Simpson said...

Amazing cakes.I think it will suit for all age people
Jimmy Simpson
wedding cakeWriter

Taka said...

What icing tip did you use for the top & bottom border on the pink polka dot baby shower cake and the blue two tiered cake? It's so nice and ruffle-y (lol)...very girly, I love it!

WeddingCakeTV said...

I wish I could make a wedding cake like this