Monday, February 23, 2009

Ramona's book cake

This cake was made for my MIL, Ramona, for her 60th birthday!

My FIL decide to throw her a huge surprise party (or have us throw her, rather) and we took on the task of making her this giant cake! She has her master's in library sciences and works for the Hurst Public Library so the book theme seemed natural. I had been wanting to make her a book cake for a while and this was the perfect opportunity!

The books separately.

The Better Homes & Garden/Bible/open book are real (chocolate and lemon), the reference and Cake Doctor books are dummies. (open book is vanilla)

From the back:


This cake turned out exactly how I wanted it to! It was LABOR intensive - we worked on it every day for a week, staying up until 4 am or later some nights but it was definitely worth it!!


My Sweet & Saucy said...

WOW!!! You did such a fabulous job!

lizort said...

Abigail thought the cookbook was real! You have out done yurself this time... may take you a whle to recover from all the extensive labor involved!

Anonymous said...

Those book cakes are so great!!!

e_susan94 said...

Amazing work and excellent detail. I was googling cake ideas because my nephew is going to Pump-it-up tomorrow and wanted to make a bounce house cake. I loved that cake too but too late to make that. I might just "draw" one on the cake. Anyway, thanks for the inspiration for next time. I also go on cakecentral too. :)

Back to this book cake, I love it. I like the Bible one too! :)

wendoger said...

Wow...this cake display is absolutely amazing!!! I have been researching 'book' cakes and this popped up...I am in awe! Great job!!!

Effie Hopkins said...

Love it! My librarian mom is retiring in July. I will use the wood slab/desktop idea when I make her stack of books cake.