Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weekend cakes

This weekend was crazy! Aside from the two parties we attended, we took care of 4 cakes (one of them being the Jack cake)!

This first cake was made for my Dad, for his birthday. We took two 1/4 sheet vanilla cakes, put them side by side, and then carved the Longhorn shape. It's covered in strawberry buttercream that was tinted burnt orange. Rodney did such a good job carving this cake but I seem to have lost some of the definition in it after I iced it. I had to put three coats of icing on it to keep the crumbs in! My dad is a huge Longhorns fan and this was a big hit while we were celebrating ... it helps that Texas won yesterday too, hook 'em!

This cake is a different version of the margarita cake I have made in the past. It's for my friend, Tricia, for her birthday. I wanted to make a chocolate martini and tried to find the martini glass but they were completely out of them and I had to settle for the margarita glass. You get the point!!

This is a chocolate peanut butter cake with peanut butter buttercream filling and chocolate buttercream on top (and around the sides) The rim was done with piping gel and chocolate sprinkles. I tasted a bit of this cake and it was great!

The final order made this weekend was for our pastor's wife, Claudia. They were in the middle of a big move this weekend and I wanted to make sure her birthday was recognized so I decided to bring these in with me to church today!

These are chocolate cupcakes with chocolate buttercream and white chocolate candy molds on top! These were super fun to make! (my apologies for the lackluster photo, it was a very busy weekend)


Gossip Girl said...

Love them all!!!!

Sheena said...

Very nice! Oh, and I tried your Marshmallow fondant recipe for some petit fours this weekend and it worked great! Thanks for all the tips and hints! :)

Quiana said...

I was just directed to this blog by one of your devoted followers. How can I place an order?

Steph said...


Yay! That makes me happy to hear! Let me know if you ever have any other questions!


Who directed you here?

Alwayzbakin said...

Those are absolutely adorable!