Thursday, August 7, 2008

Starbucks and Spaghetti Cakes

This Starbucks cake was made for the director of our MDO program. It was actually made for both the director and the assistant director, but the AD is currently out of town. ( in appreciation of all their hard work during the summer )

Both are big time lovers of all things Starbucks and can almost always be seen with a cup of coffee in their hands.

This cake is 5, 6 inch round chocolate cakes (baked with coffee grounds) slightly carved to resemble a cup. It's covered in fondant with buttercream piped on top to look like whipped cream. The logo, the paper holder, napkin, stirrer and sugars are all fondant.

Close-up of the logo:

I piped the "lady" in the middle of the logo freehanded (I also piped the letters around the logo). It's not totally perfect, but you can certainly tell what it is - I guess that's all that matters!

The Napkin:

I'm pretty pleased with the outcome of this piece! I googled a Starbucks napkin image and then tried to replicate it as best I could. I cut a piece of brown fondant out and then, with my small santuku knife, I lightly tapped on the fondant. First vertically and then horizontally. I cut in two lines on the left side and upper part of the fondant piece to give it a more realistic effect. I painted the leaves on the left corner using a small amount of green coloring (avocado) and a little bit of vodka.

I wrote the words on with a fondant marker.

I really, really love how the napkin turned out. Literally every person who saw the cake today thought it was real!

The sugar packets were made with fondant and buttercream. They were perfect but someone accidently sat a bowl on top of them, causing them to smear. I tried my best to get them back to looking decent but I know they are not as good as they were!

One last picture!

I painted the lines on the holder!

Such a fun cake and everyone got a big kick out of it! Rodney and I had a lot of fun on this one ( he covered the main cake in fondant for me)!

Spaghetti Cake

This cake was made tonight for the August birthdays up at Charlie Tango! I thought it would be fun to do something kind of silly this month - I decided to choose between making the spaghetti cake or doing a pot of beans cake and the spaghetti cake won.

This cake is 2 layers. The bottom layer is chocolate topped with vanilla buttercream/ fresh strawberries. The top layer is vanilla cake.

The meatballs are chocolate Rice Krispy Treats that I made and formed into balls. The marinara is strawberry preserves and the cheese is grated up white chocolate!

My hands were THROBBING from piping so much tonight!

Here is the completed cake, with the "garlic bread." (toasted angel food cake, painted with a little bit of watered down, yellow food coloring)

This cake really neat to put together, I had a lot of fun and I really got into it! Hopefully it tricks some people tomorrow!


Tammy said...

That looks so amazing and so savoury that I cant get my head to understand that it is actually cake! You are very talented!

Delilah said...

The cake was awesome and tasted so yummy! I've enjoyed working with you this summer and can't wait to taste and see more cakes this fall!

My Sweet & Saucy said...

These two cakes are AMAZING!!! I love checking out your blog to see your new projects!

Steph said...

Thanks guys! You are all so encouraging!


HI!!!!!!! I have enjoyed this summer as well (crazy as it's been)! Did you figure out which class you will have in the fall? Where do you guys live in Bedford?!?

Karen Oseguera said...

That Starbucks and Spaghetti cakes look great. I bet you were up really late the other night working on that one. I made one for teachers working registration and didn't finish til 2 in morning. By then I just didn't care what it looked like. :(
What's your next cake? I love checking out all your art.
What do you charge for your classes?

Travis Swann said...

I'm sooooo hungry now! I love the spaghetti cake...that's truly remarkable!

After seeing your Rubik's Cube cake a while back, I had to go out and buy one (the one I had the in the 80's is long gone). Now I guess I have to head to the local Italian restaurant for dinner and then hit the corner Starbucks before work tomorrow.

As always, thanks for the great blog!

Jenna said...

You are very talented indeed!! I'm so jealous!!! I love you blog by the way.

Thanks for sharing!!

Delilah said...

Hey I finally checked back! We live in the old, old, old part of Bedford off of Brown Trail and Pipeline. Our neighborhood is still nice but if you cross pipeline look out! How about you?

Steph said...


We in North Bedford close to the Cheek Sparger end. Very close to Spring Garden Elementary!

Yay Bedford!

i'm kelly said...

you are so talents. what fun!