Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mimosa flavored cupcakes

These were an experiment.

This flavor has been floating around here and there. I've heard of people making mimosa flavored cupcakes and since my friend Amy had a taste of one at a bridal show (she said she loved it), I decided I should try to make it.

This was an impromptu trial as I was in the cake shop this afternoon and decided to buy some champagne flavoring.

I added orange flavoring to a vanilla cake recipe and topped it off with champagne flavored buttercream.

I turned out pretty good. I would say it tastes like a cross between a creamsicle and a mimosa. Rodney says they taste like bubble gum. I'm not really sure that's what I was going for ...

I think for my next attempt I might try adding some orange zest to the batter - I think I might also do a creamy orange mousse filling and then top it off with the champagne flavored buttercream.

This attempt did come out pretty well though and I'm pretty sure it's Rodney's new favorite!


landa said...

Your icing is so perfect.

ladybug said...

I absolutely love your work and your blog! You've done so truly beautiful stuff.

foxxxyboxxxy said...

so i typed in "champagne flavored buttercream" into google and this is where it brougth me... and im glad!

i just stumbled across some champagne flavoring online. im thinking about buying some to make a champagne buttercream for my wedding cake. im currently obsessed with strawberry flavored cake... maybe strawberries and champagne since they go good together anyway...

im bookmarking your blog, especially since im a baker myself (actually, i havent baked in a really long time...too busy.. but i do have a degree for it haha)