Sunday, March 9, 2008

Nicole's Cookie Cake

This cake was made for Nicole, an employee up at Charlie Tango, for her birthday.

It's a four layered chocolate chip cookie cake smothered with cream cheese icing. Fondant flowers on top!

Trust me when I tell you, this cake is DELICIOUS!


sara said...

hi there. i got here from cafejohnsonia... i was wondering what recipe you used for the cookies? my daughter has requested a cookie cake for her b-day, but i don't know how to go about doing that. just regular choc. chip cookie dough? how long do you bake it?

thanks! beautiful blog.... by the way!

Steph said...

Hi Sara, nice to meet you!

Honestly, I just use the Nestle Tollhouse recipe that's printed on the bag of chocolate chips. I do add some things here and there to sort of "spice it up" a bit.

If you quarter the entire batch of dough, you should be able to get four layers! (make sure you grease and flour your pans)

Hope that helps and thanks again for visiting!