Monday, November 26, 2007

Turkey Cake

Here's my version of the traditional Thanksgiving turkey!

I'm very pleased with how this cake turned out. The base consists of two 9x13 cakes and an egg shaped cake (Wilton pan) all carved together to resemble a turkey shape. The wings and drumsticks were formed from rice krispy treats. The entire thing is covered in vanilla buttercream. I put a heavy crumb coat on first and then another thick coat of buttercream on top of that. Once it had formed a nice crust, I textured the entire cake using a bag full of silver dragees. I mixed together some piping gel, cinnamon, brown food coloring and a little bit of water and brushed a thin coating over the entire thing. I brushed it thicker in some places to resemble a "cooked" look.

The stuffing is cut up cake scraps and the vegetables were made from fondant!

This cake was by far one of the most enjoyable to make!


Katie said...

Wow, I honestly thought this was a real turkey! You did really well - it would be amazing to eat it because it would feel so weird to cut into what looks like a turkey to discover cake! :D

Lindsey said...

Now that is AWESOME.

Krista B said...

you've given my taste buds a complex.

Jessica said...

The cake scraps for dressing is such a clever idea!

Steph said...

Thanks everyone!

kelly said...

oh steph that is awesome!! when i saw it i thought, i thought she was a vegetarian? hmmmmm maybe she made it for her hubby. hmmm oh IT'S A CAKE!!


Kelsie said...

Wow. I really couldn't believe at first that this was cake! You did a fantastic job!

All of your cakes, and cookies, and other treats are gorgous! You are quite an artist!