Wednesday, October 17, 2007


This cake was made on the fly for a friend of our family's.

It's a chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream AND chocolate decorations.

Lots and lots of chocolate!

Like I said, this was very last minute!


kelly said...

Gotta love last minute cakes!! I think the best part is people appreciate them even more!! ( and if they don't, you can "accidentally" drop it on the doorstep)

you are very inspiring!! i too have a little girl at home, and am also a new vegetarian. My husband doesn't play in a band though, but he always eats my "mistake" cakes and never complains!!

great work!!

Steph said...

Hi Kelly! Thanks for visiting my blog!

Talk about inspiring! I imagine making cakes that are gluten free are challenging in itself. I have a friend with a birthday coming up who has Crohn's disease, I'm might hit you up for a recipe or two!

How old is your little girl?

What made you decide to go vegetarian? We've been at it for nearly 6 months now and I'm absolutely loving trying new things and how we feel. I have to say that both my daughter and I get sick pretty often but things have been a lot better for us since we stopped the meat and started bulking up on the veggies. I post recipes on my other blog all of the time, we should share a few!

Haha, my husband helps me with my cakes. He levels them for me and usually I can get him to put a crumb coat on if I need it - but he's sick of cake! He won't eat it anymore so I'm left to the taste testing! (though I'm starting to SEE the effects of that so I think we need a new tester!)

Nice to meet you!