Sunday, April 22, 2007

Mini Mini's!

These were made in addition to the cookies for the luncheon. I colored the icing to match the colors of the invitation (though my colors came out slightly brighter) and added some luster dust (while mixing the colors in) for some added sparkle and shine! These cupcakes are strawberry with vanilla buttercream and silver dragees on top.

*I've discovered that I have to bake my cupcakes and cookies at a slightly lower temp, my oven tends to get too hot for some reason. I learned this pretty early on when I was over cooking things or under cooking them (when taking them out earlier than instructed) however, lately I've been having to turn the oven back up. What's the deal oven? Just when I get used to your picky and needy style, you turn on me?? Not cool, not cool at all.

On another note, I LOVE making cupcakes. That's right, bring it on Sprinkles!


Jessica said...

These look delicious. How many do you think I could fit in my mouth?

Frosted Garden said...

Thanks! Rodney managed four so I don't know. I had tons and tons left over!

Lindsey said...

So pretty! I love the colors.

I love cupcakes, too. I just made some last night for a friend who had a baby. And I keep thinking, I could seriously eat cupcakes all day, every single day and be happy for the rest of my life. And fatter than I already am, but happy.

Lindsey said...

Oh--the baby cake--

I had an idea about making a cake with a domino idea. I'm still trying to think about how I want to do it exactly--but I liked the idea of using the significant numbers of his birth date as the numbers on the dominoes. I also want to try my hand at fondant because I thought the dots would be so much cuter cut out of black fondant.

I could use some advice...what do you think?

Frosted Garden said...

Lindsey - I LOVE the domino idea. You are very creative! Fondant can be tricky sometimes and I don't know if you care for the taste of it but I have a pretty good recipe for homemade marshmallow fondant if you are interested in it. It's super cheap and really easy to make. Tastes pretty good too. I would suggest using that or a gum paste mixture.

Lindsey said...

Thanks for the tips. I would love your recipe. My e-mail is:

Thank you again! I think I'll practice a little before I make the real one.

Frosted Garden said...

I'm emailing you tonight! sorry! I've had such a busy week!