Sunday, March 28, 2010

Herend Scallop cake, Western themed, Moose and Zee, Teacher cookie bouquet, Superhero Cupcakes, Belle cake and Finley's 1st!

Lots of stuff to update with!

This first cake is one that took me literally 7 hours to paint. I loved the way it came out and I really enjoyed hand painting this cake. It's a chocolate cake with black raspberry filling. The client asked for a replica of this particular Herend figure. I think we did it justice!

This is a picture of the piece - it's actually gold on the bottom where it looks black.

Here's our take on it!

Western themed first birthday cake

Love this cake! the bottom tier is chocolate with oreo cream filling, middle is banana with chocolate fudge and the top tier is key lime with cream cheese. Love these different flavors! All covered in fondant. I made the one with fondant, painted it red and added edible glitter to it for some extra sparkle!

Moose & Zee smash cake:

This cake was made to go along with the western themed cake above. The little boy turning 1 loves Moose and Zee, this just seemed like the appropriate choice! Both Moose and Zee are made from a 50/50 gum paste/fondant mixture. The cake is carrot with vanilla buttercream.

Teacher cookie bouquet:

This cookie bouquet was made for a teacher that was leaving the school she worked at. It's an 8 piece bouquet with cookies that look like an apple, notebook paper, a chalkboard, red and green crayons, a ruler and a pencil! Love this bouquet!

Superhero cupcakes:

These were made for a little boy who wanted Spiderman, Batman and Superman cupcakes for his birthday! These are chocolate and vanilla cupcakes. The emblems were made with white chocolate!

Belle Cake:

This cake was made for one of Rylee's good friends, Adrianna, for her 5th birthday. Adrianna loves princesses and picked Belle for cake. It's a chocolate-chocolate chip cake with vanilla buttercream and fondant. Used lots of gold dust and glitter on this one, love the way it turned out!

FInley's 1st Birthday cake:

This smash cake was made for some friends of ours. Baby Finely recently turned 1 and her momma went with a "Cirque Du Bebe" theme for her party! Simple design for this cake based on the invitation design. I hand painted the plaque and piped the swirls around the cake. Used lots of glitter on this one, too!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Valentines Cupcake, Cowgirl Cookie basket, French Press Cake, Peace Cake, 30th Birthday

Quick update from a few things we've done recently. We've got a super busy week ahead of us with some new and interesting things we haven't done in the past!!

Giant Valentines Cupcakes made for MDO teachers:

Cowgirl Cookie mix and goody baskets made for teacher appreciation day (cowgirl cookies ala bakerella):

French Press Cake:

This was made for a groom - we'd never made a cake like this and I'd never seen one either. I'm pleased with the way it turned out! Chocolate mocha flavored cake with dark chocolate buttercream and fondant!

Peace Cake:

This cake was made for special 12 year old. She requested a cake with a world and purple peace signs. This is what I came up with! It's a milk chocolate cake with strawberry buttercream and fondant accents. I'm pretty pleased with the way the continents turned out on the world portion of the cake - I free handed them!

30th birthday cake:

This cake was made for a 30th birthday! The only direction we got for the cake was to make it girly and to use purple - this is what we came up with!

Stay tuned for some fun and interesting cakes next week!!